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MAC Cosmetics, derived from the company’s full name of Make-up Artists Cosmetics, is a world renowned Canadian manufacturer of cosmetic products. The company headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

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MAC products encompass the entire range of beauty-related items and include eye make-up, false lashes, lipstick, lip gloss, skin removers, moisturizers, nail care products and general accessories. MAC is well-known for its kits that surround each product category. Each MAC kit is created to produce a certain ‘look-in-a-box’ with a name to reflect this. Examples of current kits are ‘A Very Stylish Girl’ and ‘Girl Next Door’.

The MAC PRO program was created to reinforce the company’s original intent of creating products for the professional make-up artist. The PRO program is designed to provide advice and products to such professionals and in order to join the program each membership application needs to be accompanied by two forms of professional identification so as to validate their professional status. Members of the program are entitled to receive discounts on MAC purchases. Cosmetics students also benefit from this privilege.

MAC Endorsements
MAC has entered into various endorsements with high profile companies and celebrities over the years. Its most recent is for a Wonder Woman make-up collection in conjunction with Warner Bros. The limited edition collection is set to include blusher, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish and will no doubt be available in a special free MAC Cosmetics kit.

The MAC Hello Kitty cosmetic range is another high-profile endorsement that features bright and cheerful packaging designed to appeal to a younger audience.

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