Free SSD Drive

Give your PC or Mac the ultimate upgrade, a state-of-the-art solid state hard drive. With no moving parts you will see a huge increase in performance, no noise, no heat and lower power consumption. It really is the perfect upgrade for any computer.

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SSD’s generally use the 2.5″ portable hard drive format and so are ideal for use in a desktop machine (with an adaptor) or a laptop, notebook or net book.

Although traditionally expensive, they have seen a large drop in price coupled with an increase in capacity in recent years. This now serves to make then a realistic upgrade path for the casual consumer.

With lower power use, less noise, less heat and more reliability thanks to the complete lack of moving parts, they are an attractive component to have in any modern PC. Their only traditional downside is lack of space. Although much better than early models, they still suffer from limited capacities compared with their mechanical counterparts. Perhaps the ideal solution (space permitting), is to have your operating system and frequently used applications on the faster SSD, with your other applications and documents on the larger, cheaper mechanical drive. Laptop users can use an external mechanical drive to achieve this setup.

Getting a free SSD drive really is one of the best upgrade available today.


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