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The Apple iPad 2 is now available! Better still, it is not a simple refresh of the original but an entirely new product that improves on the iPad 1 in many ways.

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Sporting an Apple A5 processor, the iPad 2 has twice as much computing power than the A4 in the original iPad, not to mention almost nine time as much graphical processing power. Thanks to this boost in performance, the iPad 2 can now record 720p resolution HD video and playback 1080p HD video, either on its own 9.7 inch LED backlit touch screen or on your own HDTV via the integrated HDMI output.

A front facing camera now allows your free Apple iPad 2 USA to be used with Face Time, allowing you to make free calls between any Face Time enabled device using Wi-Fi connections and the internet.

A new MacBook-style metal casing lends an air of quality to the tablet PC, something which the plastic rivals from the likes of Samsung, Motorola and Dell cannot even approach.

Smart Covers are a great new invention from Apple. Providing protection for your iPad2’s 9.7″ screen, they magnetically attach to the frame and can even put to sleep and wake your device when added or removed.

Apple’s operating system, iOS, received an upgrade to version 4.3, bringing with it great new features and Apps. Things such as Personal Hotspot (which allows you to turn your iPad 2 into a Wi-Fi router), new multi-touch gestures and faster web-browsing are the main features.

iPad 2 limitations

Despite the iPad 2 being a great machine, there are a few limitations. These are not necessarily specific to the iPad 2, more of the device in general.

The first is that iTunes treats it as a music device much like an iPod, rather than a personal computer in its own right. This means that the iPad 2 needs to be docked with another computer containing you iTunes library in order to add or update your media.

iOS limitation is also a problem. As the tablet runs a cut-down mobile-style operating system, the user does not have the full control over the machine as you would in a fully-fledged Mac or a Windows based PC. All apps must come from the Apple App store, thus leaving you without some of the freedom other solutions may provide. Of course, there are advantages to this approach. The device is much simpler to use, update and maintain, and the threat of viruses and malware is much reduced, if not even completely eliminated by this ‘closed-book’ approach.

Another issue is the inconsistent way in which the Home button works. Rather than always taking you back to the iPad’s home screen, on odd occasions and with certain apps it doesn’t always do this. This may be rectified in future updates.

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