Free Alienware M11x

If you want gaming on the move then the Alienware M11x is the machine for you. This is a true dedicated gaming laptop with high end components that have been expertly chosen with the gamer in mind.

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The M11x has an impressive Intel quad-core i7 processor coupled with an NVIDIA GeForce 335GT graphics chip that drives the integrated 11″ LCD screen. Thanks to the screen size, this machine has very compact dimensions making it very lightweight and portable.

On top of the basic specification, the M11x can be customised with numerous options from additional RAM and SSD hard drives to dedicated Alienware peripherals such as joysticks, headsets and mice.

Your free Alienware M11x will run almost any current game very smoothly and with a complete absence of lag, even in graphically intense titles on high settings.

It not just what’s inside the machine that counts, you also want something that looks great from the outside. The M11x does not disappoint as it exhibits Alienware’s trademark sci-fi style chassis. Whilst not as outlandish as their desktop counterparts, it’s still a cut above most other laptops out there.

This laptop is a great machine, and considering you can get a free Alienware M11x it really is an offer too good to miss!

If you want a high end laptop, but something more suited to general use than gaming, why not get a free Dell XPS 3D? With its impressive 3D LED screen, Blu-ray drive and Intel i7 quad core processor you really will stand out from the crowd.

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