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Opening on 1 August 1961, Six Flags Over Texas is the oldest of all of the Six Flags parks and has always been one of the best performers of all the Six Flags parks in terms of revenue and attendance figures.

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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park is situated over the highway from the main park.

Six Flags Over Texas Tickets
General admission tickets cost approximately $50, discounted to $31 for children under 48 inches high. Children under two go free. There are various season passes available including the Play Pass, the Season Pass and the Combo Pass, many of which permit unlimited visits to both Six Flags over Texas and the other Six Flags theme parks. The Season Pass allows free Six Flags tickets to friends of the pass holder on certain days.

The Six Flags Name
The name ‘Six Flags’ is derived from the flags of the different nations which have governed the state of Texas (France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and the USA). This history was carried through to the theming of the original park in that it was separated into separate regions with attractions and scenery to match. This feature still evident today.

Six Flags Over Texas Achievements
Many of the parks rides and attractions have represented a milestone in theme park design and construction. The park boasts the worlds first ever log flume called El Aserraderoin in 1963, the The Runaway Mine Train in 1966 was the first mine train roller coaster, the Shock Wave in 1978 became the first ever roller coaster sporting consecutive loops. The Texas Cliffhanger became the first mechanical free fall ride in 1982, although it was demolished in 2007 to make way for Tony Hawk’s Big Spin.

Six Flags Over Texas also holds numerous records including Titan ,which at 245 ft and 85 MPH is the both the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Texas. At 325 ft, Superman: Tower of Power is a fine example of the tallest free fall combination tower in the world, whilst the 300 ft Oil Derrick observation tower is the largest land based oil derrick in the world.

Future Developments
Six Flags Over Texas has an on-going program of developments designed to keep visitor numbers on the increase, although the park’s proximity to nearby highways and premises is often seen as a restriction on long-term expansion. Construction of the roller coaster Titan required use of some of the parking lot due to lack of space in the park. The recently opened Cowboys stadium nearby and should help draw even more visitors to the park.

50th Anniversary
Six Flags Over Texas celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011. As a result the Texas Giant wooden roller coaster is closed for the 2010 season so it can be restored as a centerpiece for the 2011 celebrations.

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